8 Must Haves to Survive Coachella

Whether you’re a returning desert dweller or a newbie to the Coachella scene, it’s no secret that you’re going to be experiencing some crazy high temperatures! So, in order to enjoy and fully get that Coachella experience, here are eight Coachella essentials every Coachella attendee, new or returning should have.


  1. Water bottle collapsible– with all the heat Indio can offer it’s crucial that you stay hydrated!
  2. Hand Sanitizer– Dancing in the desert, listening to RAD music with your friends come with a price, it can get a little dirty! Carry some hand sanitizer in case you need a, quick clean up.
  3. Wipes– With hella food option carts to try, you wanna make sure you have something to clean up with before and after you get your grub on. (Psst. Both hand sanitizer and wipes can come in handy when it’s time to use the restroom…BAM! Double usage)
  4. Gum– Desert heat dry mouth…pretty self- explanatory why gum is crucial
  5. Bag You’re gonna need a cute handbag to carry your stuff in. No time to carry all things when you’ll be dancing the night away. Don’t worry, we got you covered! (click here)
  6. Sunnies– Protect your eyes from the sun! Sunnies are a must!
  7. Face Gem– Coachella is all about self- expressions art, express a part of yourself with this face gem!!
  8. Chapstick– Don’t let the heat get to your lips! Save yourself and your lips: Bring Chapstick!


With all these essentials there’s no doubt you’re ready to take on the desert heat! Now go have the time of your life!




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Author: youngs04l

Just a 20 something year old looking for adventure in everything.

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